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Aphelion is your ultimate portal to the crypto universe we are witnessing expand. Forget about exchanges, exorbitant fees, lost tokens, and hidden conditions. Embrace full market decentralisation and transparent technology documentation with Aphelion.

What Is Aphelion?

Virtual markets and blockchain technologies allow us to move further away from central authorities, burdensome paperwork and muddy transactions. Aphelion takes the leap and goes even further by enabling full decentralisation.

By implementing AI-driven algorithms and a unique consensus mechanism, Aphelion allows participants to set terms, reach an agreement, and access high liquidity.

And if you are familiar with how cryptocurrency trading works, you probably already have an idea of what decentralisation is. It’s the future of finance!

“The Decentralization of Finance is really good for humanity. Now that we can circumvent banks, exchanges and brokerages by using smart contracts on the blockchain… every person, every family, and every business will experience more freedom, more liberty, more opportunities, more power, more abundance, and more wealth. So DeFi is a win for humanity.” - Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr.

Sadly, even some top cryptocurrencies are still tied to fiat money and centralised exchanges. Many crypto projects have been, in fact, criticised for their centralised nature and all the restrictions they come with. Aphelion, on the other hand, allows users to interact directly in real time.

Why Trade via Aphelion?

Thanks to advanced distributed ledger technology (DLT), Aphelion helps bypass exchanges and access liquidity providers in real time. You no longer need to rely on exchanges, waiting for them to list your coin… at a price that may not suit your needs.

Aphelion is totally different; it’s 100% fast, trusted, and decentralised.

Because knowing when to buy and when to sell sets apart good investors from those hoping for get-rich-quick schemes. There is no shortage of cryptocurrencies and projects out there, and each one has its quirks. With Aphelion, you can reach any asset you want to add to your portfolio. You don’t have to worry about delays, frozen funds or liquidity anymore. The best part is that you can even gain tokens!

There is a learning curve with cryptocurrencies, true. But still - despite the market’s volatility - there is a whole world of possibilities in front of you. Buy, sell, trade, hodl: it’s your choice!

Aphelion | Blockchain Technology Documentation

And if that’s not enough, to support its members further, Aphelion has developed transparent documentation. This documentation is specifically designed to help users and developers understand Aphelion’s core concept, tech stack, Distributed Exchange Asset Ledger dApp, on-chain and cross-chain transactions, and token distribution.

And in the centre of all processes and docs within Aphelion - we have decentralisation, the original idea behind virtual cash. That’s right! As Aphelion is not an exchange and doesn’t store any tokens, one of the main concepts remains decentralisation. Being open-source and accessible, Aphelion is community-driven and transparent.

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